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1900-70. CINDERELLA & Related items. Group of 53 items on cards including much topical potential with ships, arms, animals, revolutionary, etc. Mixed quality, ave to FINE, VERY FINE.
Postal Maritime Francaise, Consulat De France a Panama 1848-1881, Second service in the South Pacific 1872-1874 by Louis-Eugene Langlais published by Academie de Philatelie, 2008, 211 pages, full color, card bound, in French, published at 50 euro, limited quantity.
Poste Maritime Francaise, Premier service postal du Pacifique Sud, le Consulat de France Panama (1843-1848).by Louis-Eugene Langlais publsihed by Academie de Philatelie, 2006, 148 pages, card bound, in French, published at 35 euro, limited quantity.
1953. Emperor Bao-Dai. Scott 13. Michel 13. Top value. Block of four. Mint never hinged, dull oh. VERY FINE. CV $1,400
1947. SHIP. Scott C260-C261. Perf proofs, punch holed & overprinted "SPECIMEN". Mint never hinged. VERY FINE.
1940-44. BOLIVAR STATUE. Scott C143-C144 & C147. Perf proofs, punch holed & overprinted "SPECIMEN". Mint never hinged. Scott C143 sealed tear, balance FINE, VERY FINE.
1938-39. Airpost. Scott C82, C87, C92-C93, C96, C98 & C100. Eight perf proofs, punch holed & overprinted "SPECIMEN". Mint never hinged. Four stamps are faulty, balance FINE, VERY FINE. Ex - ABNCo proof files.
1947-48. Statue of Bolivar. Scott C247. Sanabria PD425. SUNKEN DIE PROOF in issued color, numbered "83619" at top. Unused. VERY FINE. Ex - American Bank Note Company proof files.
1950. Map & population chart. SUNKEN DIE PROOF without value stated (unfineshed design) later issued as Scott 438-444. Rose, numbered "92805" at top. Unused. FINE, VERY FINE & scarce. Ex - ABNCo proof files.
1880-1900. Collection on 5 album pages including 99 different stamps Scott 58a thru 163 plus registration and offiicial stamps. Featuring full sets & key values. Hinged mint, unused or used. Mixed quality, spacefiller to VERY FINE. Yvert Euros 1048,80